Cocktails at the Yellow Heifer

Our drinks are all prepared to order using only fresh fruit,
syrups, premium alcohols and plenty of charm

Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan
Smirnoff Vodka, Cointreau, Fresh Lime and Cranberry garnished with a de Groff orange twist

Sex on the Beach Sex On the Beach
Smirnoff Vodka, Archers Peach Schnappes and Cranberry Juice ahaken over fresh orange

Mojito Mojito
Morgans spiced Rum or Bacardi according to your taste muddled with fresh lime, sugar and mint that Valerie grows out the back, heaped with crushed ice and finished with a splash of soda

Bramble Bramble
Gordons Gin shaken with tons of fresh lemon juice over crushed ice and finished with a drizzle of creme de cassis - epic refreshment!

Strawberry Daiquiri Daq
Classic combo of Rum Fresh Strawberries Lime and sugar blended and served over crushed ice

All cocktails contain at least 50mls alcohol and cost £4.95